The best thing about recovery is the change — and it doesn’t happen just for the client. Red Oak Recovery® is proud to have a legacy of honoring the entire family system throughout our treatment process, attending to loved ones nearly as much as the client themselves.

family treatment at red oak 

Family treatment is not just an afterthought at Red Oak. Rather it is woven into everything that we do. Each client receives both a primary individual therapist and a family therapist, ensuring that the family work receives the full attention of our clinical team, separate from the client’s individual work. At the same time, each family works directly with a therapist separate from their loved one to heal the scars that addiction and mental health disorders may have created. (That can include stepparents, grandparents, siblings, or other individuals depending on how your family system is defined.)

healing families

Family work at Red Oak is an attachment-based model incorporating EFT (emotion-focused therapy). This means that we focus on healing the ruptures that can happen in families when addiction and mental health disorders are running rampant. This complex, healing, heart-centered work is unique in a residential setting, but has become a hallmark of the Red Oak program, renowned nationwide for its clinical depth and efficacy. Not only does it help families begin to fix what’s broken; but more importantly, it equips them with the tools to build a healthy family system moving forward.

what to expect from family work

Just as the wounds caused by addiction and mental health disorders vary from family to family, so too does the healing. In general, families can expect to learn how to differentiate from their loved ones and focus on their own needs and care in the family system. As the loved one grows and develops tools for successful living, families can practice letting go with love, accountability, and boundaries. Above all, you will be able to answer this question: How are you going to show up differently from now on?

family therapy & family workshops

EFT is structured around three phases: De-escalation, Restructuring Interactions, and Consolidation. Our family work follows a similar arc. Family therapy begins with a weekly meeting involving the whole family (as it is defined). More than just a status update, this “warming up” phase focuses on winding down from crisis mode. From there, we re-establish healthy communication while avoiding the creation of new ruptures. After 30 to 45 days, the client’s primary therapist and family therapist will join for deeper work. Families will communicate via Zoom or speakerphone depending on the clinical needs of the client. 

Families also may come to North Carolina to do in-person work if clinically appropriate. Dedicated workshops are held each month, alternating between in-person in downtown Asheville and on Zoom. Family members may attend one workshop during their loved one’s treatment — either in-person or on Zoom as preferred.

The goal is to give families the language, tools, and trust they need to continue the work of nurturing a healthy family system for years beyond treatment.

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other family FAQs

Can I tour? 

Family members dropping off loved ones may tour and meet the team on intake. Please let the admissions team know of your desire to tour prior to arrival. Tours may not be possible due to weather, staffing schedules, or community events, but we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

How can I reach my loved one? 

Every client must undergo a two-week communication blackout period upon intake. After that, social calls are facilitated every other week for check-in.





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