We are so grateful our daughter had the opportunity to be at Red Oak Recovery. She had struggled for the last couple of years in an abusive relationship that led to alcohol abuse and destructive behavior. She has lost her way through life. She tried several different addiction treatment programs in her pursuit of healing and wholeness. Each program somewhat helped her on her path towards that, but Red Oak was the one that really started to give her the hope, tools, and encouragement she needed to overcome what was holding her in bondage. We have watched her joy return, and she has a hope for her future.

– Mother and Father

ROR was referred to us by a trusted friend. After multiple relapses and a stint in jail, we presented the Red Oak Recovery option to our son, and he agreed to go. The son we dropped off at ROR one January was not the son we picked up 95 days later. His physical, mental, and emotional transformation was obvious. And in those 95 days, we were transformed as well. Our son is sober and thriving. And the relationship we have with him today is better than ever! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

– Alumni Parents

I brought my son to Red Oak to stop his substance abuse. They provided so much more than that. The family counseling helped changed our entire family and my son was confident, accountable, and focused at the end of his time at Red Oak. Thanks to everyone at Red Oak for changing our future.

– Mother of Alumni

Red Oak has had a profound effect on my life. I have grown tremendously – mentally, physically, and spiritually. The staff is very supportive and understanding all the way through. I have become a better person than I ever thought I could be with the help of Red Oak Recovery.

– Alumni, age 21

Red Oak saved my life.

– 23 year old male client

I came to Red Oak Recovery broken and angry. I had been to four previous inpatient treatments and had relapsed over and over. I am a heroin addict. I had been fighting the disease for about 8 years. I learned to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and to deal with life on life’s terms. I learned how to be strong. I also had to be open, honest, and willing in order to get what I got out of Red Oak. It wasn’t always easy, and it could get very difficult but it was so worth it. I stated by getting honest and vulnerable with my therapist, and she helped save my life.

– Alumni, age 24

Red Oak gave us our son back. The methods used and the in-depth therapy figuring out exactly where our son was coming from and what he needed was amazing. Thank you.

– Mom of 23 year old son

Successful beyond my expectations. Excellent. I recommend Red Oak without reservations.

– Father

Red Oak Recovery is an excellent facility with top notch personnel. My son left with amazing skills and willingness to continue his growth, I attribute his success to his therapist working and guiding him in the right direction. This has been a very positive influence to my son’s sobriety. I am very grateful for ROR. I would highly recommend ROR for anyone seeking a healing place.

– Mother of Alumni

When you get here, it will be normal to feel a wide range of emotions. Some good, some bad, but if you push through and do the work, follow the suggestions of the staff/therapist, I am most certain you will be happy you did.

– Alumni

Red Oak Recovery changed me for the better despite my constant aversion from doing so. It made me realize how much fun I can have sober as well as helped to bring out the real me. This community is a second family.

– Ben F.

We drove up to Red Oak full of anxiety but as soon as we parked we met warm people and a therapy dog. We left feeling our son was in a safe place. Red Oak supported us through the process, and when we picked our son up at graduation our son looked healthy and happy. We feel grateful we found Red Oak.

– Father of Alumni

My husband and I felt terrified to be sending our son away even though we knew it was the right thing for him. Those fears stopped as soon as we saw the facilities and met some of the wonderful and caring people who make up the staff at Red Oak. We can’t imagine a better recovery program. You will never regret your decision and neither will your child.

– Mother of Alumni

ROR was referred to us by a trusted friend. After multiple relapses and a stint in jail, we presented the Red Oak Recovery option to our son and he agreed to go. The son we dropped off at ROR one January morning was not the son we picked up 95 days later. His physical, mental, and emotional transformation was obvious. And in those 95 days, we were transformed as well. Our son is sober and thriving. And the relationship we have with him today is better than ever! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Jordan, Lynn, and the entire ROR team!

– Tracey & John

The Red Oak program was ideal for my son, even though he initially was resistant. He came as a heroin addicted young adult and left a more confident, self-aware individual, capable of having the life he is meant to live. The therapists were amazing; the activities and life skills taught my son so very much and will serve him well as he moves on to transitional living. He made good friendships and gained valuable insight to help him navigate relationships and many other situations in the future. The family workshop was insightful. In short, we have our son back and have Red Oak to thank for it from the bottom of our hearts.

– Mom of 22 year old

Our experience at Red Oak from check-in to check-out was amazing. From enrollment to accounting, guides, group therapists, and most importantly, our incredible therapists that we worked with. We are forever grateful to Derek Rutter and Lynn Wadsworth. Lynn taught us how to communicate with our son, and gently guided us through a very difficult journey. Derek, a kind and caring person, gave our son an opportunity to be vulnerable and to share his issues from drug/alcohol abuse, behavior, anger and insecurities. Derek was able to hold our son accountable and teach him the skills to start managing his life which was a huge feat as our son was not a willing participant in the beginning of the program. Red Oak is remarkable at transitioning their clients on to an aftercare program. We were shocked our son agreed to leave Red Oak after three months and continue to a six month program afterwards.

– Mom of 19 year old

I am so eternally grateful to Red Oak Recovery for their sensitivity and ability to truly SEE my brother for the individual person that he is and for ultimately returning him to both himself and us. As a family of an addict, we each experienced varying degrees of panic, helplessness, frustration and ultimately relief at the transition we saw take place in my brother. I think that the solitude of the mountains coupled with the emphasis on activity and meditation truly create a haven for healing that is so necessary for the chaotic past of a person struggling with addiction. Red Oak empowers the individual to learn survivalist techniques, gardening, nutrition, meditation and self-assurance. We are amazed, excited and so proud to see the difference in my brother. We can’t wait to see what he does with his life now, and that is a pretty amazing place to be considering where we were 95 days ago. Red Oak is a great place to heal and recover and I would recommend it highly to anyone with a family member struggling with addiction—nobody is helpless. My brother is proof that anyone can struggle with addiction and anyone can get better with the right help and guidance.

– Sister of male client-age 33

Red Oak knows how to deal with addiction problems not just clinically but in a caring almost spiritual way. Our family is pleased and grateful.

– Father of Alumni

Red Oak and our son’s therapist were exactly what we all needed. The guidance and help that was provided by all the staff at Red Oak were professional yet challenging in a way that we have seen a true difference and break through. We literally dropped off our son at the front door in a broken and depressed state. Eighty days later he is a totally changed man!! We would recommend Red Oak to any family.

– Father of Alumni

After many treatment programs, Red Oak Recovery was the turning point in my son’s commitment to sobriety and maturity. I cannot say enough how much I appreciated the care and effort Red Oak invested in my son to help him make dramatic strides in his recovery and independence.

– Father of Alumni

This program changed not only my life but also my parents. I am so incredibly grateful for my therapist, my guides, and my fellow clients.

– Alumni

My time at Red Oak has been life changing. I went from a scared weak & volatile place, to a strong place full of confidence. Everything I did here helped get me to that place! The people (clients, guides therapist, the groups, the activities, the woods, solo. Thank you for everything!

– ROR Alumni

Red Oak really helped me not only identify the things that were causing me pain but how to deal with those causes of pain in a constructive way. It is very powerful to feel such huge changes. This place has been the largest turning point in my life yet.

– ROR Alumni

Our son came to ROR in a very despondent state. He was depressed, anxious, suffered from PTSD and was at the end of his rope. ROR took him in and in 100 days brought him back “to life”. He is positive, hopeful an delightful. His counselor was a great resource and very honest with us and our son. Our family therapist was a great resource for his father and I. Our son has learned to like himself, let others in, learned the importance of exercise, healthy eating and to ask for help. I can’t recommend ROR enough.

– Kelly, mother of alumni

This program changed not only my life but also my parents. I am so incredibly grateful for my therapist, my guides, and my fellow clients.

– Alumni

My Red Oak Recovery experience has completely changed my outlook in life for the better. I adore every person on staff here in my Red Oak family.

– Will

Red Oak has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve learned how to feel my emotions again. I have found a purpose in life and fun in recovery. I could not be more grateful.

– Andrew

Our daughter came to Red Oak after completing residential treatment (high school) nearby. Red Oak provided a good transitional setting for her as she entered adulthood. After years of struggles, our daughter has reached probably her greatest level of inner strength and personal growth. She seems prepared for her life ahead and ready to take on challenges in a healthy way. Our daughter has told us that she feels a “lightness” that she hasn’t felt in a very long time. We see hope and positivity in her that was missing before. Our daughter has received wonderful support from the Red Oak staff and we are grateful for their help and guidance.

– Mother of alumni

Red Oak Recovery ultimately turned my life around. The process of therapy and experiential therapy helped shape me into the man I am today. Red Oak saved my life. I would recommend it to anyone serious about recovery.

– Male client, 20

We came to Red Oak Recovery with a lot of anguish and uncertainty. We did not know what to do or where we were going. Everyone at Red Oak made us feel at a safe place with ourselves and for our son, who is coming out of Red Oak Recovery a different man and a much better person who is capable of knowing how wonderful he is and how much he can give to the world. Our son’s therapist has been able to connect with him in an amazing way and we, the family, received a lot of support from our family therapist. We will always be grateful to Red Oak Recovery.

– Julio, father of alumni

We feel that Red Oak was the perfect place for our son. They are a very professional team with great infrastructure and a well-balanced program. Our son’s therapist was outstanding in not only his professional background, but in his personal skills to be able to give the best tools and advice to him while he was at Red Oak. Our conversations and his very comprehensive weekly reports were of great help for us to understand our son’s progress. Our family therapist’s coaching was of great help to our family. She was so professional and a key element to understand our own process. Thank you, Red Oak!

– Mother of alumni

Red Oak gave me everything back and so much more! I was able to see life for what it truly is and accept that vulnerability is the key to everything introspective. Thank you!

– M.A.D.

Upon first coming I was angry and depressed. I wanted to leave Red Oak Recovery at first. After one week, I started to enjoy it and my negative emotions began to change. As I write to you now, I honestly say that this place has been life changing in a positive way. I have two new hobbies, rock climbing and fly fishing. Besides the wonderful outdoor adventure and skills, I have partaken in and learned. This place has given me or shown me new emotional tools to help me in life. I came here hating myself; now I love and am confident in myself and feel I have some essential tools that I will continually grow on and that will help me in life. Thank you, Red Oak Recovery!

– Alumni

Red Oak Recovery gave me my life back. I learned how to have fun again, which is something I thought would never happen again after hitting rock bottom. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate this place for giving me a second chance at life. The staff is made up of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Give Red Oak a chance, and you will never regret it.

– Evan C.

Red Oak changed my life. I was afraid and comfortable of so many situations, and now as I am leaving I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. The therapy that you will experience is truly fantastic. You learn how to be fully self-sufficient and happily sober as well as make lifelong bonds more real than any I had ever developed.

– Matt

Red Oak changed my life for the better and gave me friendships that will last a lifetime. There are no words to describe my gratitude.

– MH

Red Oak is truly an amazing place that saved my life. The staff, the therapists, and the clients all come together, and it is truly one big family. I learned how to live again, I learned to trust, I grew life-long friends, and I learned how to live sober. I will forever be grateful for Red Oak. My stay was one of the best experiences of my life, and I will remember the amazing memories forever. Thank you Jordan, the staff, the clients, and Red Oak. I love you all!

– Todd S.