A man discusses drug rehab with a counselorAre you staring down an addiction to drugs? If so, it’s time to take back control of your life. Drug rehab at Red Oak Recovery will make all the difference in the world.

When an individual faces drug addiction, it’s nearly impossible to kick the habit for good without the proper professional help. No matter which drug addiction you are struggling with, entering the right rehabilitation facility is the most effective route to sobriety and good health.

Drug Rehab Program at Red Oak Recovery

Our gender-specific programs are unique and offer a wide range of therapies and activities. From meditation and yoga to canine therapy and our one-of-a-kind family program, to our culinary and nutritional arts program, we’ll give you every resource possible to overcome your addiction.

We currently have two campus locations in Leicester, North Carolina. Our men’s campus includes 32 beds, and it’s about 45 minutes from our women’s campus. Known as The Willows at Red Oak Recovery, our women’s campus features 16 beds in a private, safe, and fun environment.

Our services are unlike any other, including eco-therapy and wilderness therapy. Some of our activities include:

Our therapists and clinicians will collaborate with you to develop the perfect rehab treatment plan and recovery strategy. We’ll also work with your family to ensure everyone is on board and ready to encourage successful recovery and life beyond treatment.

Family Therapy

Many substance use treatment facilities overlook a vital piece of the process–your family. In this case, you could possibly become disconnected from your loved ones, which leads to discomfort and other emotional reactions.

Your family is the greatest support system you have. With our family counseling, your parents and family members will have the opportunity to discuss their feelings towards your drug addiction and rehab in a comfortable setting.

This type of therapy helps remove any doubts and insecurities your family may have during rehabilitation and recovery. By addressing these feelings, you’ll gain a better understanding of the experience and reconnect with your family in the process.

Life-Changing Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment is a life-changing experience. We empower you to earn your sobriety and remain sober in a healthy, safe, and fun lifestyle.

By making adjustments and strides along the way, you’ll begin to feel confident in your drug rehab and recovery. This will help you achieve a smooth transition to sobriety.

Begin Rehab at Red Oak Recovery

Have you had enough of your drug addiction? Are you ready to make the changes necessary to enhance your life for the better? If your answer is yes, join us at Red Oak Recovery to begin your drug rehab today.

Don’t let your addiction take control of your life! We’re here to support you on the road to recovery. Call now at 866-457-7590 for more information on this life-changing experience.