a man in need of bipolar disorder treatmentMany people considering rehabilitation services also experience co-existing mental health conditions. When two or more problems of this type occur together, treatment can become more complicated. Bipolar disorder treatment is necessary for anyone who has a mental illness. Dual diagnosis treatment is essential for anyone suffering from both mental illness and addiction.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition in which the sufferer alternates between periods of extreme happiness and periods of despair. Both ends of the spectrum result in severe symptoms that are difficult to manage. Bipolar disorder treatment is a required part of the recovery process.

What are the Common Signs of Bipolar Disorder?

The main sign associated with bipolar disorder is the existence of chronic mood swings. During a period of happiness, the person may feel as if they can take on the whole world. Thus, engaging in risky behaviors during this time is a common theme. During periods of depression, the individual will feel an overwhelming sense of despair that’s impossible to shake.

What Elements are in Bipolar Disorder Treatment?

Bipolar disorder treatment often consists of a combination of the following elements, depending on each person’s specific needs:

  • Medication treatment: Medication is almost always a part of the treatment process for bipolar disorder. Various forms of medication can help control the main effects associated with extreme sadness or anxiety, promoting a better balance of moods.
  • Individual and group counseling: Both individual and group counseling sessions can help a person gain a better understanding of their condition and how it affects their life. As a result, this may enable them to deal with the situation more constructively.
  • Behavioral therapies: Behavioral therapies can help a person identify negative thoughts that may play a role in their condition. As a result of recognizing these thought patterns, they can actively work at changing them into more positive thoughts that lead to positive behaviors.

Supporting Your Family Member through Mental Illness and Addiction

Watching a loved one suffer from bipolar disorder can be very difficult. You may be unsure of whether you’re doing the right thing to help your family member. Keep in mind that helping your loved one get proper bipolar disorder treatment is probably the best gift you could give them. Let your loved one know they’re not alone in their struggles.

Finding a Treatment Center for a Dual-Diagnosis

Mental health disorders can complicate the addiction treatment process. However, the right treatment center can use innovative mental health treatment tools to help a person gain control over these issues. The existing mental health condition and the addiction are two distinct problems with their own course of treatment. You may find it helpful to look for a treatment facility that features the following attributes:

  • Holistic therapies: Holistic care targets all aspects of a person’s well-being. These targets will include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements.
  • Family involvement: Family involvement can help the entire household gain a better understanding of the tools necessary to help the person undergoing treatment to achieve success.
  • Long-term follow-up: Aftercare is an essential part of reducing the risk of a relapse down the line.

About Red Oak Recovery

Red Oak Recovery is a rehab center located outside of Asheville, NC. Red Oak provides quality programs that cover clinical, experiential, and organic forms of treatment. The experienced staff members at Red Oak are also qualified to handle complex issues surrounding a dual-diagnosis.

You don’t have to allow addiction to remain in control of your future happiness. Bipolar disorder treatment can help you regain control of your life. Contact Red Oak Recovery at 866.457.7590 to find out about our young adult rehab programs.